Water based epoxy resins and
amine hardeners

Why use water based epoxy resins and hardeners?

Since the discovery of the ambient curing epoxides and amines and the commercialisation of bisphenol-A based epoxy resins, two component epoxy amine systems have conquered a large part of the coatings, composites and adhesives market. This success is largely attributable to the excellent intrinsic properties of these systems, which are:


Broad adhesion

Mechanical properties

Low volume shrinkage upon cure

Thirty years after these discoveries allnex, noticed the potential of these systems in waterborne applications. Already in the early 1960’s the foundation of our waterbased epoxy and amine adducts portfolio was built. The advantage of using water based 2K epoxy systems, is the fact that these are much lower in VOC at lower viscosity, while most of the intrinsic properties remain intact. This enables lower film build, easier application and faster dry. Our portfolio covers a wide variety of applications such as:

Anti-corrosive primers


Concrete flooring

Sanding primers

DTM monocoats


In many segments such as Agricultural – Construction - Earthmoving equipment (ACE), Rail, Industrial metal and Civil engineering, allnex has been the frontrunner in creating a more sustainable environment. Recently, when the Chinese shipping-container market made a step-change with moving entirely to waterborne systems, allnex has been instrumental in this journey with localized supply. Today we keep innovating to lower the VOC and environmental impact of our products, also making them benzyl-alcohol-free, BTX-free or HAPS-free or reducing the amount of free-amines.

We focus on market needs and regulations but also provide tailor made solutions. If you are wondering how to formulate 2K waterbased epoxy systems, please have a look at our epoxy webinars or reach out to our technical experts. To make specific product selections please use our product selector found below where you’ll find a variety of epoxy resin dispersions and hardeners of varying molecular weight and equivalent weight.

Use the product selector tool below to select your WB epoxy/amine system, and calculate your mixing ration with our free calculation tool


Are you interested in epoxy amine resins for concrete coatings?

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Features and Benefits

Environmentally friendly

Low VOC | Low Odour

Ease to handle

Easy clean-up | Shear-stable

Additives for your water based epoxy formulations

With the increasing demand of water based industrial coating systems, additive producers are challenged to design innovative systems that meet higher industrial standards. New generations of coatings attempt to  improve features like drying speed, durability, corrosion resistance as well as color, performance and appearance. Waterborne epoxy formulations, however; require even more attention with respect to additive utilization as by nature their polymer structure is quite sensitive to many typical ingredients of additives. We have, therefore; designed a series of new additives that can be easily formulated to improve the overall performance of waterborne epoxy resin formulations. As example, our latest generation of “low ion migration – LIM” based pigment wetting & dispersing additives provide improved anti-corrosive performance.

Unique dispersants


ADDITOL® VXW 6208More information

ADDITOL® VXW 6208/60More information

  • Non-ionic pigment anchoring
  • Best solution for high corrosion protection
  • For all pigments/fillers
  • Concentrates & direct grinds
Surface tension matters

Surface tension matters

ADDITOL® XW 6580More information

ADDITOL® VXW 6503 NMore information

  • Best in class dynamic surface energy control
  • Low and zero VOC effectiveness
  • Designed for WB Epoxy systems
Foam killer


ADDITOL® VXW 6393More information

  • Tailor made foam control Additive for WB Epoxy systems
  • Silicone free
  • Highly compatible in all stages of production
No vertical limits

No vertical

ADDITOL® VXW 6388More information

  • Special associative rheology control Additive
  • Easy incorporation & outstanding compatibility
  • Low shear active – for all spray applications


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